Nautilus6 - Implementation

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MIPv6/NEMO implementations

SHISA: MIPv6/NEMO implementation on BSD

SHISA is an implementation of Mobile IPv6 and NEMO. WIDE project had developed two different Mobile IPv6 at KAME project (KAMEMIP) and InternetCAR project (SFCMIP). We finally decided to work together for single implementation (called SHISA) in WIDE project on spring 2004. SHISA supports Mobile Node, Home Agent, and Correspondent Node. SHISA also support various extension such as NEMO Basic Support and Multiple Care-of Address Registration. For the details or download, please refer to this page.

NEPL for UMIP: NEMO Basic Support implementation on Linux 2.6

NEPL (NEMO Platform for Linux) was initially a NEMO implementation for Linux based on MIPL2. It has been developed by Go-Core project at the Helsinki University of Technology in cooperation with Nautilus6.

NEPL is now available as a patch for UMIP (UMIP is a fork of MIPL2 in order to maintain the code to the latest kernel versions). It aims to be RFC 3963 compliant, it supports both implicit and explicit mode. The NEPL patch for UMIP is available here. You can check the NEPL Howto to setup your NEPL test platform.

ATLANTIS: NEMO Basic Support implementation for NetBSD [OBSOLETE]

Atlantis is the first implementation of NEMO Basic Support. Based on draft-03, NetBSD 1.6.1 and KAME MIPv6 snap 20040126. It supports implements both the MR and HA functionalities, explicit and implicit mode. For more details, please refer to this page.

MIPv6/NEMO extensions

Dual Stack Mobile IPv6 (DSMIPv6) implementation for UMIP (Linux 2.6)

UMIP-DSMIP aims at providing an implementation of the DSMIPv6 specification ( draft-ietf-mext-nemo-v4traversal) for UMIP. It is available as a beta release on the UMIP-DSMIP page.

NEPL and Multiple Care-of Addresses implementation on Linux 2.6

MIPL2 currently lacks the Multiple Care-of Addresses registration specified in draft-ietf-monami6-multiplecoa. Nautilus6 is working on its implementation for NEPL (NEMO Platform on Linux). It is available as a beta release on the Multiple Care-of Addresses Registration for NEPL page.

NEPL and NEMO Prefix Delegation on Linux 2.6 [OBSOLETE]

Nautilus6 has implemented draft-ietf-nemo-prefix-delegation on NEPL, for both the Home Agent and the Mobile Router. This implementation is not maintained anymore and can be considered as obsolete. However, if you have interest, please check the NEPL-SE page for more information.

Fast Handovers for Mobile IPv6

TARZAN: FMIPv6 implementation on BSD

TARZAN is an implementation of FMIPv6 as an extension of SHISA. TARZAN supports the draft-03 of the FMIPv6 specification, for both MN and AR, and both Predictive and Reactive mode. TARZAN uses LIES (Inter Layer Control Exchange) to indicate L2 triggers. TARZAN will include LIES within its software packages. For the details and current status, please refer to this page and this document. FMIPv6 implementation on Linux 2.6 is an implementation of FMIPv6 for UMIP. It is available from the web page.

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